Why Restoring Classic British Sports Cars As A Hobby Is A Great Idea

If you have a love of cars and you are interested in a new hobby, you should think about Restoring Classic British Sports Cars As A Hobby. It is a great way to spend your time and there are a lot of benefits to it. You will be able to make an older car look new again, you can meet some great people and in some cases, you can make some good money.

When it comes to cars, there are a lot of different types out there. Some cars are older than others. Older cars need more care and will need more done to them so that they keep running.

When you Restore Classic British Sports Cars As A Hobby you will be able to spend a lot of time working on the older cars. This might seem like it would be a chore but it is a very enjoyable for the right person.

Finding a car to restore is one of the first steps. You should be able to buy one for an affordable cost. The more work that needs to be done, the less you will probably have to pay.

You should make sure that you have the proper tools to work on the car. You also need a place to do it. If you are only renting your home or live in a certain neighborhood you might not be allowed to work on the car there. See if you can figure out the rules of your area before you start working on your first car.

As for tools, you will have to talk to people who have been restoring cars to know what tools to have on hand. If you have had experience in the past, that can help too. Just make sure you know what you are doing before you start so you don’t end up making any big mistakes.

When you are involved in restoring classic cars you will get to meet a lot of people. There is a great community that you can be a part of. You can ask each other questions, you can learn from one another and just become good friends.

This is nice because it is helpful to have people you can go to if you have any questions. You can also help others as you learn more about how to restore classic cars. It is nice to also be able to share what you have done with others who can appreciate it.

Another great thing about this type of hobby is if you do fix up a car, you can sell it for more than you paid. This is a great way to make some money. Remember that it will take the time to fix up the car and you will then need to look for a seller. This can all take some time but the payoff can be worth it.

It is nice to be able to make money from doing something you love. Not everyone can do that. You can take a hobby then you enjoy doing and turn it into something more.

If you don’t have any experience with classic cars you will have to spend time researching how to get started. There is a lot to learn and you want to make sure you know what you are doing. This is why it is a good idea to make friends with people who do restore classic cars because you can learn a lot from them and you always have someone to go to as you get started.

Hagerty Ensures Classics Stay on the Road

Hagerty Ensures Classics Stay on the Roadway

MGB Mk1 Roadster
Source: Flickr

Hagerty is a complex network of specialized solutions for classic automobile collectors. Hagerty is an insurer that guarantees classic cars that are normally difficult to guarantee. Hagerty Plus is an exclusive personal club that supplies a selection of extra companies of specific interest to collection agencies of vintage cars. There is a members-only Web site that works as an online forum to exchange and also collect details from collection agencies as well as sector experts. There likewise is a quarterly publication that is an outstanding source for news as well as occasions.

The attendant solution is most likely the best privilege of a Hagerty Plus subscription. Members rate to submit questions or request information on any kind of collection agency car or associated topic such as pointers on repair, trading, vehicle care, and also driving. If an ideal feedback is not easily available, the question will certainly be extensively looked into and also fixed. Every month-to-month the Internet site is upgraded with short articles and info from distinguished experts, reporters, and fellow hobbyists.

Hagerty additionally is an advocacy group that remains abreast of government issues affecting classic automobiles. Participants are called quickly if their state is suggesting law changes or regulations that could affect them. Surveys and also sets of questions are regularly performed amongst participants and various sorts of professional-service companies to keep track of as well as report beneficial information to members. Hagerty additionally supports the Collectors Foundation, which is a charitable company that enhances scholarships or grants to individuals and companies associated with the conservation and repair of classic automobiles.

The organization additionally supplies insurance to traditional watercrafts. A lot of cruisers as well as trawlers, mono-hull sailboats, runabouts, energies, skiffs, as well as launches can be insured. Check out Hagerty’s Exclusive Customer Services. It accommodates proprietors with automobiles valued at $250,000 or more or collections that surpass $500,000.

A Classic (Sports Car) Tale

A Timeless (Sports Vehicle) Story

Source: Flickr

Classic sports cars

Those 3 words turned up together to develop an image of grandeur, speed and also overindulgence. For who can manage classic sports cars? Just the wealthy naturally! But also for the average “Joe” who dreams of having his very own traditional sports car as well as intends to know more concerning it, this write-up is implied to give details on this fantastic “king of the road”.

Initial recognize the foremost brands of timeless cars.

1. Lotus

Lotus is popular for developing the Lotus Elise 11S, Lotus Elise Motorsport, Lotus Elan, Lotus Europa Double Web cam, Lotus Super Seven S4, Lotus Elan SE Turbo and also Lotus Super Seven Replica by Birkin.

2. Austin Healey Sprite

Only Austin Healey Sprite could develop the Bugeye Sprite Race Auto with an impressive 250 horse power! The 1960 Speedwell Sprite Vintage Race Vehicle is another pressure to consider, along with the 1962 Austin Healey Sprite MK.

3. Austin Mini

Austin Mini possesses the Mini Cooper that can be found in superb shades as well as for $13,000, it is quite a take!

4. TVR

The TVR has this elite collection of traditional sports cars like the TVR Tuscan Obstacle Race Car, TVR S2 Roadster, TVR Taimar Coupe and TVR 2500M.

5. Birkin

Timeless cars is almost synonymous to the brand name Birkin, as it is made popular with Louts Super Seven reproductions as well as provides Birkin S3, Birkin C-S3 Road, among other roadsters that come with the Ford ZETEC engine, four-wheeled disc brakes and a heavy-duty light weight aluminum body.

6. Jaguar

Jaguar is the ‘magnificent’ classic sports car that guys can not get enough of. With the Jaguar E-type Coupe, Jaguar X-Type Track Automobile as well as Jaguar C-Type reproduction, this is the brand that actually presses traditional sports cars numerous ‘to the limitation’.

7. Victory

Jaguar-engined Victory roars equally as a traditional cars is expected to do. Traditional designs like the 1969 Triumph Spitfire MK III as well as 1960 Accomplishment TR3A represent what Triumph is everything about – refinement and power.

Here are some publications that inform the visitor on how to keep the traditional sports cars in superb form: “Classic automobile Conservator’s Handbook,” “Enjoyable and also Profit Buying, Showing and Offering Classic as well as Classic automobiles,” “Reconstruction of Antique and Standard Cars,” “Spending plan Auto Restoration: Inexpensive, Step-By-Step Tricks” as well as “Ways to Restore and also Change Your Muscle Auto.”

The timeless sports car emanates action as well as nobility. No wonder, it never ever goes out of style.

Muscle Car Restoration 101

Muscle mass Auto Restoration 101

Source: Flickr

Bring back muscle mass autos is a hobby for some as well as a career for others. There’s simply something regarding the traditional high-performance automobiles that collection agencies, racers and general auto fanatics discover fascinating. If you are a hobbyist who is interested in recovering a muscle auto, you will most likely gain from a few repair tips. The remediation of muscular tissue cars starts with searching for a muscle mass car that could be recovered. Prior to getting a car for the purpose of recovering it you need to make sure that the components needed for the repair are available and you could get your hands on them, which you can pay for to finish the job once you begin it.

Before shopping for a muscle mass auto to restore, determine just what your objective is for bring back a vehicle. Do you simply desire a terrific muscular tissue auto to drive? Will you be competing? Are you restoring the car so you can participate and compete in classic automobile programs? Do you intend to market the absolutely recovered muscular tissue vehicle for an earnings?

Once you’ve figured out the purpose behind your muscle automobile reconstruction you’ll have a better concept regarding exactly what sort of muscle car you wish to get. Prior to you shop, read up on various muscle mass cars and also discover everything about their efficiency, their value and so forth making certain that the vehicle you choose is appropriate for you intentions. To make sure that you do not get swindled in a muscle vehicle transaction, find out exactly what the muscle automobiles you are trying to find deserve “as is” and exactly what they deserve once they are restored. Having this details within your reaches will certainly assist you to identify whether you are actually getting a “lot” when you begin to work out to get a muscular tissue automobile.

Prior to you buy one, make certain that the components needed to restore your muscle mass vehicle are readily available and also budget friendly. Set your spending plan and your timeline for recovering the vehicle so you recognize just how much you could pay for to invest for the muscle mass vehicle itself and for the parts as well as other expenditures that will certainly be sustained when the reconstruction. Complying with these easy suggestions at the start of your muscle automobile remediation project will certainly stop you from beginning a task you can not complete and also will certainly ensure that your muscle mass car restoration job is pleasurable and that you fulfill your goals for muscular tissue automobile reconstruction, whatever those goals might be.

Sports Cars: Getting Started on Your Need for Speed

Sports Cars: Getting going on Your Requirement for Rate

LSS Meet May 30th, 2016
Source: Flickr

If high velocity, full throttle, and look are just what you want in a car, after that a cars is most likely exactly what you’re searching for.

Sports autos are a $4.5 billion sector with concerning 55,000 devices marketed yearly.

Sports automobiles are built as performance automobiles– implying they are to be pressed in ways routine cars can not. For instance, velocity is frequently no more than 5 seconds to go from 0 to ONE HUNDRED miles per hour.

As it is harder to maneuver a speeding object, cars are particularly made to be handled at top speeds.

The term “stylish” was coined to refer to a smooth yet durable layout that exudes an effective character for the person behind the wheel.

What follows is a basic run-through of sports cars out in the industry– their basic layouts and format, along with a listing of the much more prominent versions and also manufacturers.

– FF– front engine, front wheel drive
The FF design has a moderate capability for broadband handling as well as is seen in select versions such as the Fiat Coupé, as well as the Lotus Elan M100.

– FR– front engine, back wheel drive
Taken into consideration the “classic” cars format, the engine drives the back wheels however keeps the weight off the back. The FR is good at wandering corners while still preserving control. Mercedes-Benz is recognized for utilizing this design for its designs.

– RR– back engine, back wheel drive
With the engine at the back driving the rear wheels, weight placement on a RR design supplies superb traction for a car. Nevertheless, without supporting driving helps like security control, managing ends up being challenging. As of today, the only manufacturer that keeps the RR design for its vehicles is Porche.

AWD– all wheel drive.
An AWD layout supplies the most convenient handling, making it perfect for those who are just starting out with cars. Audi began the prevalent use of this strategy with the Quattro. Japanese suppliers like Mitsubishi utilized this design to raise taking care of making it an exceptional rally vehicle.

Due to higher constraints in the states, sports car suppliers are more widespread in Europe than in America. However, American brand names remain in equivalent competition with its European as well as Asian counterparts. Some identified makers and designs are:

Alfa Romeo
Aston Martin
De Lorean

Now that you’ve gotten started, take your next action by uncovering the exhilaration a sports car can bring you today, much like it has for generations.

Antique Classics – Cars That Last

Vintage Classics– Autos That Last

Alfa-Roméo Spider et BMW 316
Source: Flickr

The term Antique Classics is made use of in reference to old automobiles. According to Vintage Auto Club of The U.S.A., an antique vehicle is generally defined as an automobile over 25 years old. Nonetheless, the precise lawful meaning for the purpose of antique car enrollment differs extensively from State to State.

With around 12 years being the typical layout life of contemporary autos, 25 years has to do with dual and also as a result a car that’s gotten to 25 is an uncommon survivor, and also most likely not economic to preserve as normal transport.

The term Vintage car is typically used synonymously with the term Vintage car, yet the formal definition of that term is restricted to particular high-quality cars from the pre-World Battle II time which began with the Great Clinical depression in 1930 as well as finished with the healing after World War II in 1948. The Vintage car Club of The U.S.A. (CCCA) specifies the term Classic as a “great” or “unique” car, either American or foreign built, created in between 1925 and also 1948. A Timeless was costly when it was introduced and also was constructed in extremely limited quantities. Although, by 1930’s most of the manufacturing modern technologies had already been developeded, particular aspects like consisting of engine displacement, custom coachwork and luxury devices, such as power brakes, electrical power clutch, and automatic lubrication systems, help identify whether an automobile could be considered a Classic.

Some excellent pre-war Vintage Classics are:

1. 1934– 1940 Bugatti Kind 57. The Kind 57SC has actually become the singular classic car.

2. 1934 Citroën Grip Avant. Has the distinction of being the very first mass-produced front-wheel drive auto,

3. 1936 MG T series, a sports car implied particularly for American soldiers battling in the battle.

4. 1938 Volkswagen Beetle, the most-famous car of all times. It was a pre-war design that remains to exist also in the present times.

The CCCA Club maintains a detailed checklist of the cars they consider Classics, and while any type of participant may seek for a vehicle to join the checklist, such applications are thoroughly scrutinized and also quite hardly ever is a new car type confessed. They additionally acknowledge the fact that their rather exclusive interpretation of a classic automobile is never generally adhered to as well as therefore they usually utilize terms such as “CCCA Classic” or the trademarked “Complete Classic” to avoid confusion.

After 1930 the variety of car suppliers came down dramatically, as the sector combined, as well as created after the war much more advancements in engine design were made, like the compression V8 engines and also modern-day bodies from General Motors, Oldsmobile as well as Cadillac brands.

Mounting A New Steering Wheel

Fitting a Mountney Steering Wheel

Part Number Cost £40
The new mountney steering wheel

New Mountney Steering Wheel

Mountney Detail
Close up of the Mountney Logo
Boss & Push Horn with logo
Boss & Push horn

Orginal Steering Wheel

Orginal MG Steering wheel.
Remove the push horn to access the steering wheel bolt. Don’t remove the bolt completly will stop it flying off when removing it. Gentle presuations with a soft mallet is required to remove the wheel. 
Push Horn Removed

Inside Steering Coloumn
Steering wheel removed, inside the steering column. Brass contact is the horn ring contact.
New Wheel & Boss fitted & the pencil horn push. The Mountney comes with both black screws & silver, I think the black looks better.
Boss & Steering Wheel Fitted
photos-thumb-t_swheel08The push horn comes with with a crimp clip that broke, so I used a piece of brass plate.
Covered the centre with pvc tape to stop any potential shorts with the steering wheel nut.photos-thumb-t_swheel09
Mountney Boss
Close up of the new wheel fitted
How the new wheel looks in the car.photos-thumb-t_swheel09
Mountney Steering Wheel Fitted


MGB Overdrive Vacuum Switch (1963-1967)

MGB Overdrive Vacuum Switch (1963-1967)
by Bruce Cunha
September 2006

The early MGB MKI equipped with the D type overdrive unit used a firewall mounted, vacuum activated switch as a part of the overdrive system.  The switch ran off manifold vacuum to activate the switch at around 7+ inches of mercury.

The Hayes Shop manual lists the following as the function of the switch:

“When the actuating switch is moved to the normal position with the accelerator held down to open the vacuum switch, the circuit is broken and the direct drive is re-engaged.”

“If the accelerator is not depressed when the switch is moved from the overdrive to normal, the vacuum switch overrides the electrical switch until the speeds in the overdrive are the same to give a snatch-free change into direct drive.?

It has also been noted that the switch is not necessary for the operation of the OD unit.  Many owners have not installed the vacuum switch and apparently have no problems.


The OD vacuum switch is mounted just the left of the heater box on the engine side of the firewall.  The unit runs off manifold vacuum pressure with the hose coming off of the intake manifold.

The parts of the unit include:

The vacuum connecting tube  (A)

The Electrical wire connectors (B)

The screw to remove the cover (C)

MGB Overdrive Vacuum Switch

MGB Overdrive Vacuum Switch

Once the screw is removed, the cover can be removed to show the plate where the actual switch is located.

The picture shows the electrical switch system.  It consists of two brass bars (A and B) with a contact point on each bar (C).  When not under vacuum, the top bar is slightly raised by the pressure of a spring in the main body.  When vacuum (7+ inches of mercury) is present the diaphragm is pulled down and the switch closes.

Electrical Switch System
Electrical Switch System

The back of the unit has a brass pressure adjusting screw.  A soft white material, apparently used to “fix” the screw in place normally covers the screw.  I used a white bathroom caulk to fill the screw area after adjusting the unit.

Switch Underside
Underside of the switch

The switch plate is held in place by 4 screws.  Under the switch plate is the diaphragm. In the center of the diaphragm is a small nipple.  The nipple pushes up through the switch plate to push the top brass bar up when not under vacuum.
Switch Dismantled

Switch Dismantled

The diaphragm is made of two pieces.  The bottom is a 40mm (1.58 inches) round by 0.635 mm (0.025”) black rubber disk.  On top of this is a red rubber ring of the same diameter and thickness with the center cut our.




On the bottom of the black disk there is a round plate that pushes up on the disk. The plate rests on a spring in a hole in the body of the switch.



The body of the switch has a hole that is connected to the vacuum port.  There is a conical spring that sits on another conical shaped metal disk.  The disk rests on the rounded end of the adjuster screw


Conical Spring

Conical Spring

Switch Body

Switch Body


With no vacuum to the unit; the spring in the base puts pressure up on the metal plate under the diaphram and this pushes the nipple up through the switch body to push up on the upper brass contact.  When vacuum is applied (adjustable through the screw on the bottom of the unit, but normally 7+ inches of mercury) the diaphram is pulled down and the switch plates make contact engaging the switch.

Given the thickness of the brass switch contacts, unless the diaphram itself deteriorates, the unit should be functional.  Given that the pressure that the unit activates at can be regulated, any diaphram of similar diameter and thickness should be suitable for a replacement.


I calibrated my switch by attaching a hand-operated vacuum pump used for bleeding brakes to the unit.  I hooked up a multimeter set on conductivity to the electrical poles.  Vacuum was applied until the multimeter conductivity buzzer sounded.

For my unit, I found that one full turn of the adjusting screw raised or lowered the activating pressure by about 1.5 inches of mercury.  With a few tries, it was relatively easy to set the switch to engage at 7 inches of mercury.

Once calibrated, I used white bathroom caulk to seal the adjusting screw.
Switch Body Underside

Switch Body Underside

With a small amount of cleaning, the unit is ready to be installed.

Cleaned up Unit

Cleaned up Unit

Cleaned up Unit

Cleaned up Unit

Bruce Cunha
Marshfield WI>
1967 MGB GT
1950 MGTD


Lucas Reversing Lense

Lucas Reversing Lens

Part Number Cost £7
Contents of kit
2 x Reversing light lens
2 x Gaskets
4 x Chrome screws 
This how the car looked when I got it with the reverse lenses in slightly differnet colours & needed replacing.
photos-thumb-t_mgbgtreversinglens03Old lenses.
When I removed the lens & gasket I found that I only have reversing lamp, one had blow at some point & had not been replaced.
New Lucas lenses fittedphotos-thumb-t_mgbgtreversinglens02

Rear Image to follow soon